Community Captain of the Month: Lynn Olsen

Lynn Olsen is our April Community Captain of the Month

Lynn comes to us from Michigan, though she visited family in West Virginia throughout her life.  When her husband retired, they took the opportunity to move to WV permanently, and Lynn fell in love with hiking (officially).  

Lynn became active during a time in her life she wanted to lose weight.  She became a personal trainer and fitness instructor 27 years ago, and loves sharing that passion with others. 

Lynn’s story is really inspirational, as she began her hiking hobby during an Active SWV Community Captain program.  She says, “I originally started hiking as a participant with Active SWV when I moved here and decided volunteering was a great way to get out in the woods more and give others the opportunity to do so as well. ”  One of the goals of the Community Captain program is the outcome Lynn describes. 

Lynn is motivated to stay active for the health benefits.   ” Mentally and physically I’m stronger when I’m active and as I’m getting older I want to be fit and able to enjoy life to the fullest,” she says. She is always glad when she completes a workout or hike, the greatest regrets are the opportunities for a hike that are missed.  

Lynn encourages everyone to get involved with Active programming, especially hiking, because of all the nice people you meet.  She loves the interaction with others and friendships made through this community of hikers. She hopes to see you on the trail!!

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