Spring Wellbeing!

2022 Workplace Wellness Conference and Awards

Join us June 23 at the Stonewall Jackson Resort and Conference Center to celebrate the workplace wellness event of the year! Each year, we host guest speakers from around the state and country to discuss the big picture and the small parts of what make West Virginia workplace wellness the future of West Virginia industry. This year will feature guests from multiple states agencies, industries, and organizations; Activities; Awards; and so much more so don’t miss your chance to register today! Follow this link to register now: and reach out with any questions: [email protected].

Water you drinking today?

May be an image of 1 person, bottle and body of water

Of course the pun is intended! But really, what are you drinking today? It’s recommended that we drink between 11-15 cups of water a day! That can be hard in the work place though, with lots of time at the desk, time in the field away from water sources, and plenty of unhealthy options to grab along the way! Bring in Bridgit Arnold with the Region 1 Workforce Development Board. As the workplace wellbeing contact and Community Captain walking leader at Region 1, Bridgit is challenging her coworkers to drinking their weight, in water (1 lb = 1 gallon). Challenges like this are a great way to bring workers together, while creating a buzz around healthy behavior, like drinking more water! Way to go Bridgit!

Standing desks are here to stay!

We sit all the time. At home, at work, at church, while spectating sporting events, it seemingly never stops! Bring in ‘your friend’ the standing desk. Not only does standing help alleviate lower back pain caused by constant sitting, but it increases blood flow, and helps us to feel more awake and productive during the day. Researchers from the UK have actually discovered that 87% of workers surveyed, felt more energized just spending an hour a day standing!

Work@Health®  with the CDC and Active Southern West Virginia

Is your worksite interested in healthier, more productive, more relaxed, longer living employees? Then does Active SWV have an amazing library of resources for you to use! One of the biggest resources is our FREE and evidence based training called Work@Health®. This CDC based program is delivered virtually over 6 to 8 weeks, meeting for 1 hour per week. Upon completion, participants will leave the training with a FREE CDC certification in the Work@Health® program. This gives leaders the ability to plan and focus wellbeing initiatives directly to their own place of work. This also gives each worksite with a Work@Health® certified employee the eligibility to apply for yearly Active Southern West Virginia Capacity Building Grants. These $1,000 grants are awarded to worksites to use in their efforts towards a healthier more active and productive work force!

Work@Health® training enrollment deadline is May 9, 2022. For more information, contact [email protected]