May showers bring Wellbeing gains!

CDC Backed and Evidence Based

So, What does it mean to be CDC backed and evidence based?

Active SWV promotes workplace wellness programming that is both CDC backed and evidence based. But what does that mean?

We work with the CDC to promote the Work@Health® course. This means that the Center for Disease Control has created a curriculum, that is utilized in our programming to ensure each work site gets the same important level of training no matter the location, creating a community and culture of health.

All of this programming has been proven effective through research based literature publication. This has helped create a standard throughout the industry that says “yes, workplace wellness is important, and here are ways that a business can effect positive change, now we can track any outcomes we see!”

The second part of this evidence is data collection. Partner organizations like the Office of Health and Human research at WVU help us collect and store data collected on state-wide workplace wellness outcomes to track positive outcomes and find weak sections of a wellbeing action plan to correct and solve problems encountered throughout the year. It is important to utilize a third party for this type of data collection to ensure anonymity of participant data; Active SWV only receives aggregate data, which means it has no connection to an individual in any way that could release private information. Find more information on our Work@Health® blog page here.

Member Shout Out: Columbia Forest Products: Jeremy Morris

Wow! Winter keeps trying to make a come back, but that hasn’t stopped Jeremy Morris and his team at Columbia Forest Products (CFP) in Greenbrier County! Jeremy has been one of the leaders in fitness and wellbeing at CFP, working with Active SWV for over 3 years now to encourage his fellow workers to a culture of health!

This April Jeremy and CFP hosted their annual staff fishing tournament, with it being hosted at their on site pond for the first time! Events like this can be tough to include everyone, so Jeremy made sure to host two event dates making it equitable for all staff to attempt a big haul! This also allowed families to participate in the event, which is always amazing to see- workplace wellness is ultimately about community growth and development.

Though the snow pummeled down for the second weekend of the tournament, more folks showed up to battle for over $2000 in prizes and continued to pull in fish in the snowy haze!


New Partnership with West Virginia Manufacturers Association

It is incredible what West Virginia produces which enables world wide systems to run. From energy production to lumber and raw materials, the state is one of the largest manufacturers in the world! This means we have the hardest working workers in the world on top of creating over 10% of the states total output. This means we need serious workplace wellbeing programs in places that work the hardest- enter the West Virginia Manufacturers Association.

The WVMA represents over 50,000 West Virginia employees and their businesses, in all counties of the state. In working with state industry the WVMA has become the number one voice for WV manufacturing from lobbying in D.C. to state level work, insuring the best choices and resources for WV manufacturers. This includes professional resources promotion within their partner organizations. By choosing to work with Active SWV for workplace wellness the WVMA has included yet another top professional organization to provide resources to WV workers. Through this partnership we will continue to deliver life changing resources to West Virginia communities, while also focusing on changing policies, systems, and environments within the workplace to promote healthier and happier workers!

Last Chance to sign up for Work@Health® training registration: May 8

Now is your last chance to sign up for our Work@Health® training class, starting May 9 and running once a week for 8 weeks. This easy but time intensive class prepares you for a future of workplace wellbeing and also makes your workplace eligible to apply for Active SWV’s annual $1,500 capacity building grants. All training and resources are free, we just ask that you email the Workplace Wellness Director, Michael Fisher at with any questions about how to register!