June Participant of the Month- April Elkins

Surveyor’s April Elkins stays Active with her girl gang

April Elkins resides in Surveyor in Raleigh County.  She is a wife and mother of two children and four dogs.  Her days are spent as Director of a national program that places young adults with opportunities to prepare for careers in conservation. 

April started being active in 2015 by running.  It helped her with her health goals as well as managing stress and anxiety.  April also has a love of Cross Fit that has suffered due to Covid concerns and an ankle injury, but she does enjoy the camaraderie she finds in “the box” very motivating.  

April began her Active program experience at Lake Stephens Yoga because it is literally in her back yard, and she is a dear friend of Community Captain Jeri Knowlton. April says she “believe(s) in the value of community and that supporting one another in any activity is so beneficial for the whole body.” 

April stays motivated through her accountability buddies, the Glen Daniel Girl Gang. Their first goal is to finish a mud run on June 18, and they have started working out together to train.  They use Facebook groups to encourage each other, design meet ups, and schedule training in their own community, utilizing anything they can: parking lots at schools, Lake trails, even Cross Fit at someone’s house.  This bond has not only made them all more active but has added enjoyment to their lives, and April says they “have the best time” 

April says that you can’t go wrong with Active SWV’s free programming.  “Active has community champions who will cheer you on even on the days you can’t make it,” she says. Being a part of Active SWV’s free programming offers the chance to meet new people, and she personally invites anyone to join them on Tuesdays or Saturdays for Yoga at Lake Stephens

To check out Lake Stephens Yoga or many other opportunities to join your community in free physical activity programs, visit Active SWV’s  website calendar.

To learn more about how you can get involved leading a program of your own, email volunteer@activeswv.com.