July Participant of the Month, Kamari Terrell

July Participant of the Month, Kamari Terrell.  

Our July Participant of the month is the 22 year old son of Maria and Carl E. Terrell Jr. of Dunbar/Institute, WV.  He is a recent graduate of WV State University, and was voted Mister West Virginia State for 2021-22.  

This amazing young man stays active because he knows that as health concerns continue to arise, the African-American community remains at higher risk than many populations. Kamari knows that working out and changing his diet will lower his risk of chronic disease.  He says, “I am active because it just feels good to be able to move my body.”  Kamari has always had an active lifestyle, but like many, adolescence presented challenges to staying active.  Once he decided to change back for the better, he said bike riding is the activity that helped him the most. 

Kamari enjoys the music and social aspects of staying active, and those things help him stay motivated. He also knows that being active is a good example for others, and enjoys motivating and helping friends and family find activities that they can do to stay active.  

Kamari notes that, “People should join an Active SWV program simply because it is free.” With so many options for being active through trainers, gyms, etc, Kamari sees the benefit of Active SWV’s fun and free community based activities.  

Would you like to inspire others, have fun, and help prevent chronic disease like Kamari?  Check out our website calendar for up to the minute schedules of our free programs led by Community Captain volunteers.