Falling for Fitness

Folks at Columbia Forest Products (CFP), an Active SWV Workplace Wellness member, in Greenbrier County were falling for a fit Fall this September with a weekend team building event focused on family, fun, and crowning the 2022 CFP Tug-O-War classic! The CFP Workplace Wellness Coordinator, Jeremy Morris, and his team hosted a fantastic event that brought workers together for a bit of food and friendly competition, with 12 teams signing up for the contest!

When planning events for Workplace Wellness, it is important to include the following aspects to create a sustainable culture of health and wellbeing. 

1. Equitability: How will you make sure that every single person in the workplace has a chance to participate?

Jeremy included different weight/strength categories to give each team a fair chance at victory. 

2. Location and Travel: How will you make sure everyone can get to your event? 

CFP has event spaces and ponds on site to make it easier for staff to attend each event. The events are also mostly offered on weekends when the stress from work can be lower. 

3. Family Friendly: Extending the reach of health and wellbeing from the office to home is a key ingredient in creating full circle community based health initiatives. 

It always helps to have a great MC! Here is Jeremy getting the crowd excited for the days events! allowing family members and kids to join in the fun creates a lasting impact on the health culture in a community!

Active SWV Workplace Wellness Membership The Sample Platter

This Fall, Active SWV will be launching our new program membership with the Workplace Wellness “Sample Platter”. This quarterly programming will help your business create a foundation of physical and mental wellness in the workplace. 

We start by using our Workplace Wellness surveys to find the gaps and success that are currently in place at the work site. Then we brainstorm and collaborate with each site to help implement FREE and lasting initiatives to promote a culture of wellbeing, no matter the size of the organization. We will focus on creating effective Policy, System, and Environmental changes to the site to promote lasting and positive health outcomes. 

Policy Change:

Policy changes include written policies that promote health and wellbeing. Getting upper management approval to include 15 minutes of paid activity time a day is a standard policy change. 

System Change:

These are non-written policy changes. They are understood and recognized but not a part of the workplace strategic plan, handbook, or rules. This may include lunch and learn sessions or fitness challenges. 

Environmental Change:
This encompasses any physical changes to the workplace, like adding water stations or healthier snacks to the vending machines. 

To schedule a consultation with the Active SWV Workplace Wellness Director and find ways to increase your workplace wellness outcomes, reach out to [email protected] or give us a ring at 304. 254. 8488.