November Participant of the Month, Kelly Witt

REFIT Beckley’s Kelly Witt is our November Participant of the month. 

Kelly Witt lives in Mullens, WV with husband Mike and son Ian.  She has been a participant in REFIT Beckley’s programs multiple times a week for a few years.  Yes, she drives from Mullens to Beckley to join one of our free programs! 

Staying active has ALWAYS been a part of Kelly’s life. Growing up in Chattanooga Tennessee, playing outside was never not an option. “That’s just what we did as kids!” says Kelly. Hiking, stick ball, kick ball,(well.. any kind of ball!), foot races, swinging on vines in the woods, yes! Believe it or not! If she wasn’t being active, Kelly’s parents thought something was wrong. Kelly grew up playing  sports and joined the marching band as well. As she started to get older, Kelly found her body wasn’t keeping up with the activity levels she was used to. So, when a friend introduced her to REFIT, she was excited to try it out. For Kelly it was definitely a God-Send, “I felt like I was right where I needed to be,” she says. 

Kelly enjoys staying active with music and dance, but also meeting the most incredible group of dedicated instructors and has formed close friendships with them. They are so inspiring to all of the participants!

At REFIT, participants laugh together,  cry together, and pray together. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!  Kelly states, “I could not think of a better place for anyone who would like to start being active and fit, than with this Active SWV free program.” 

Every time Kelly completes her hour long REFIT Beckley program, she feels better than she did before. In Kelly’s words,  “Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!”

To see what Kelly is raving about, you have three chances per week in the Raleigh County area to join a REFIT class, and two in Kanawha County. All of our free programs can be found on our website calendar

To become a champion of health and wellness in your community by volunteering as an Active SWV Community Captain, email [email protected]