December Community Captain of the Month, Crysty Linkenhoker

Crysty Linkenhoker is our December Community Captain of the Month

 Crysty is from Hico, located in Fayette County, WV. She was born in Kentucky, but moved to the area when she was 6yrs old. Crysty actually lives in the same house that her parents built when she moved back to the family farm in Hico. 

 Crysty likes to travel and see new things, places, and people. Those interests probably came from her earlier military service travel. These days, Crysty stays active to maintain movement and balance. She notes that she would like to be able to walk around historic sites, and not just be confined to reading the placard out front.  Crysty wants to be able to hike Macchu Picchu, not just take the helicopter tour! On a more basic level, Crysty wants to put off ‘furniture surfing’ for as long as possible in this life.  She wants to put on shoes standing up, and to put on pants without holding on to the dresser. Crysty stays active to fight the inertia of aging.

My primary motivator for volunteering is accountability.”  Like everyone, Crysty sometimes has trouble motivating herself to exercise, “ I, too, have an elliptical at home that doesn’t get used much.  Being a volunteer for Active SWV and committing to leading a group in exercise, holds me accountable for showing up and providing a quality program that others can feel motivated by. Helping others helps me even more. “

Crysty says that she doesn’t ‘stay’ motivated.  She struggles with motivation like most people.  There are a few key things that help her to get herself going again.  First, she considers her health and longevity.  Crysty plans to live to age 125, and must keep her body capable of moving and standing up on its own.  Second, she considers how her motivation might affect others –  family, friends, and strangers.  So many people think that being active is about looking the part – being thin, building biceps, etc. For Crysty, being active is about being able to do the simple things in life like reaching the next shelf in the cabinet, standing at an event for whatever length of time is needed, walking from the car to an activity when the parking lot is full, or picking up a child or pet without worrying that she may not be able to or  might hurt them in the process.

 ” We all come to Active SWV in our own bodies and of our own minds”, Says Crysty. “We are not all the same and that is to be celebrated. ”  No judgement; just celebration.

Crysty leads water aerobics in the summer, and various indoor programs in the fall and winter.  Stay tuned for something NEW and exciting from Crysty in January! 

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