February Participant of the Month

Katie Johnson of Ansted, WV is our February Participant of the Month!

Katie actually grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa, but from a young age she heard the mountains calling.  

 Katie stays active because it makes her feel good mentally and physically. 

Growing up on a farm she played about as much as she worked. Katie is the youngest of six, so after chores there was always some kind of ball game in the evening. Katie’s mom and dad often played with them, and playing together as a family was always the best.

From a really young age, Katie watched her mom go for walks everyday. It was just a simple part of her routine, and Katie loved to go with her.

Yoga and walking outside really help me with the kind of maintenance I need to jump into things like paddling, snowboarding, and playing soccer.  Recently, thanks to ASWV I’ve added Pickleball to my long list of fun ways to keep moving,” says Katie.   

Katie’s dog and friends are her best motivators. “All of us feel better when we’ve been outside,” she says.

Active SWV is great at bringing people together to have fun. Katie likes to play hard but also have fun laughing with others while participating. Playing a sport with others is a great way to build relationships. 

To see if our activities can bring more laughter into your life, see our website calendar for a full list of all the free activities going on this month.