Workplace Wellness: April Updates

Springing into warmer months and increasing our reach

With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to knock off the frost and get back on the trail to creating long lasting health impacts at your workplace!

Work@Health 2023 Cohort

This January, Active SWV hosted another phenomenal cohort of Workplace Wellness leaders to certify them in the CDC backed and evidence based Work@Health program. This six week virtual course empowers each participant to create lasting physical activity, nutrition, and mental health impacts at their workplace. Each workplace that participates in this free training also becomes a member of the free Active SWV Workplace Wellness Program. 

This cohort included nine new business organizations and certified 13 new Work@Health providers. Through the course, each location was able to successfully identify Policy, System, and Environmental changes to create sustainable and equitable initiatives and increase the health of their respective workforces. 

New Members

The Dish Café

Morgantown Fire Department

WVU School of Exercise Physiology

Girl Scouts America – Black Diamond Council

Service Pump and Supply

WV Bureau of Health Services

Bridge Valley Community and Technical College

Mountaineer Food Bank

WV Family Planning Division

Click here for more information on Work@Health

Initiatives and Goals

All workplaces can have different cultures, attitudes, and resources around Workplace Wellness. Throughout the six week Work@Health course, each participant was tasked with surveying their workplace, communicating with their staff to find needs and barriers, and creating sustainable and long lasting Policy, System, and Environment changes specific to their site. 

To create these lasting initiatives, each site used the CDC Worksite Health Scorecard to gain invaluable information on physical activity, nutrition, mental health, tobacco use, and much more about their specific workplace. Once the survey is complete, each Work@Health provider can facilitate events and programming to create a lasting culture of health for the employees at their workplace. 

Once a workplace is certified, Active SWV not only helps to create these specialized workplace programs, but also provides grant funding through the Workplace Wellness Capacity Building grant. These $1,500 capacity building grants can be used to create Policy, System, and Environment changes at the workplace. This can include policies to incorporate more time into the day for physical activity, systems that provide educational resources or group events like water and step challenges, and environment changes like the addition of water coolers to the workplace. To find more information on our grant application process, please visit our grants landing page here!