2023 Workplace Wellness Conference and Awards Recap


The 2023 Workplace Wellness Conference and Awards, at Glade Springs Resort, was an absolute blast! 

Thank you so much to all of our attendees, presenters, partners, sponsors, and resort staff that helped create a magical day full of learning, networking, and finding solutions to creating a healthier West Virginia!


This year, we welcomed 54 participants hailing from various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, education, and numerous other industries throughout West Virginia. Presenters from WVU Extension, OSHA, Marshall University, the Office of Health Services Research, and the Division of Health Promotion and Chronic disease joined us to focus on stress, burnout, safety, and health equity in the workplace. 

Given that Americans spend the majority of their time to work, it becomes increasingly crucial to address the obstacles and issues that can lead to stress, burnout, and, ultimately, turnover or, even more concerning, a decline in the overall health of an organization’s workforce.

This year, presenters came prepared to educate and demonstrate how mental health can play a major role in a successful workplace. By setting boundaries and increasing our focus on self care, we can begin to decrease the symptoms of burnout and stress. To find more information, techniques, and resources for stress relief and mental health, check the Active SWV Workplace Wellness resources page, found here!

Your feedback is so valuable in helping us create the best experience for attendees next year. Please take a moment to scan the QR code or visit HERE to submit your conference feedback! 

Thank you to all of our incredible presenters!


One of the highlights of every conference is the acknowledgment of workplaces that have earned Workplace Wellness awards, affectionately known as the “Wellies.” Each organization receiving a Wellie has showcased their dedication to fostering a healthier workplace environment for all team members involved.

Each year, applicants are chosen who have created lasting Policy, System, and Environment changes at their location. during the application process we also look at individual level changes and initiatives that have taken place throughout the year.  

This year, we honored three workplaces that created equitable and sustainable programming, while also celebrating two honorable mention awards that were given to individual partners who have gone above and beyond to help Active SWV continue to provide free physical activity, nutrition, and mental health resources to our communities!

Gold Level Wellie Awardee

Gold Level Wellie Awardee

Bronze Level Wellie Awardee

Lauren Weatherford – WVU Extension


Katie Burnham – WV Department of Health and Human Resources – Dividision of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease. 

To find out more about the awards process, past awardees, and upcoming application dates, visit our Workplace Wellness Conference and Awards landing page

Work@Health Certification and Capacity Building Funds

Workplaces that successfully finish the CDC-backed Work@Health certification course via Active SWV will gain access to the necessary resources for establishing enduring, equitable, and enjoyable Workplace Wellness programs, regardless of their geographical location or job emphasis. Employers offering Workplace Wellness have demonstrated:

  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Increased moral and employee rapport
  • Decreased healthcare related costs
  • Decreased turnover
  • Increased recruiting opportunities

You don’t want to miss our upcoming Work@Health certification course. Complete our Work@Health interest form, found HERE, to get the latest dates, deadlines, and information on upcoming courses. 

Capacity Building Funding

Each year, we also open enrollment for the Active SWV Workplace Wellness Capacity Building grant program. These $1,500 grants can be used to increase the access your workplace has to physical activity, healthy drinks and snacks, physical spaces for staff to use, and much more. 

We are currently accepting grant applications for the 2023-24 grant cycle and are here to help you plan your organizations programming and initiatives. Visit our grant landing page for more information on past grantees, the application process, and to download a paper application if needed. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Active SWV with any questions, comments, or concerns in completing this application! 20 grants will be awarded so don’t hesitate or miss the change to fund your Workplace Wellness initiatives.

                                                     Email: [email protected]
                                                           Phone: 304.254.8488


This year we would like to thank Glade Springs Resort, Columbia Forest Products, WVU Extension, and the Department of Health and Human Resources for sponsoring our event and helping to create a welcoming and inclusive space for all those who joined us for the day!