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Change can be a good thing…

2023 was a year of tremendous growth for the Active Southern West Virginia Community Captains program. Active SWV is proud to announce the training of 50 new volunteers as of Nov. 30, 2023. Each new volunteer led programs at least once, and many of them fit into our mission of repeated weekly or monthly programming that leads to healthier lifestyles throughout the state. In addition, several new counties have added new programs, some more than 2 hours away from our focus counties of Raleigh, Fayette, Summers, Nicholas, Kanawha, and Boone! For example, there are new walking groups in Webster, Marion, and Berkeley counties, we had students from WVU Tech leading hikes, and a new focus on bringing youth climbing to our area. Growth of this magnitude often leads to change.  The Active SWV staff has been working hard to bring about a change for 2024 that will make continued growth and quality free programs possible.

What’s new and what’s in it for you?

Active SWV is introducing a new and FREE membership program using new software called the Info Hub (located on the website) and the Member Plus app (downloadable onto smart devices). All participants are asked to complete our FREE membership application on the Active SWV website. Once that is complete, new members will receive email communication to create a login for our Info Hub. After logging in you will be taken to the Active SWV Info Hub page with events and other information. Next, members can download the FREE Member Plus app to a smartphone or tablet. Benefits of this FREE membership include access to free programs, notifications of program cancellations, and better promotion of available programs. 

Members will have the entire program schedule online at their fingertips in the Info Hub and the Member Plus app. The membership application is inclusive of our waiver, so there will no longer be a need to fill out a waiver at the beginning of a program, or even sign in on the sign-in sheet! Volunteer Community Captains will have their participant list and waivers on their app for seamless check in. 

Create your FREE membership account today! 

Our goal for full implementation is January 2024, which means participants and volunteers will continue to use the old paper process for waivers and sign in sheets through December 2023. Additionally, Active SWV will continue the use of the monthly newsletter, program flyers, as well as continued social media groups and event pages. This change is in addition to those pieces, but helps staff and volunteers simplify the sign-in and waiver processes to allow further growth of programming.  Beginning 2024, we hope to have all programs on the FREE Member Plus app for registration so we can begin this new and improved way of participant integration.

To access the membership application, waiver, account creation and login link for the Info Hub, please visit the Active SWV application page. Anyone requiring assistance completing the membership application, account creation, or login is encouraged to contact us at [email protected].  Our goal is to assist and help make this a painless process for our valued community.

Once you get your membership set up and app downloaded, you will see the screen below displayed on your phone. Then you’ll be ready to see all of Active WV’s events and resources available!