January Community Captains of the Month, REFIT Beckley’s Cassie and Alicia!

REFIT Beckley’s Cassie and Alicia

The REFIT Beckley team has been a strong free program with Active SWV for 5 or more years. In 2023, they saw a need to add to their instructor team, and welcomed Cassie Newman and Alicia Terry.  

Cassie was born and raised in Oak Hill. She has been active her entire life partly because when growing up, they played outside more than being indoors on computers or gaming systems. As an adult, her husband was extremely physically active and she saw the benefits that he had and  wanted the same for herself. “Some days it is hard to stay motivated but you think about all the benefits that you get from being physically active,” Says Cassie. After losing both her husband and her mom, Cassie needed something to occupy her time and had a neighbor who told her about REFIT Beckley. Cassie started coming to classes 3 years ago this past September and has enjoyed every minute there. “I was so encouraged by the leaders of the class and the participants that I really was excited about becoming certified this past September.” The Refit leaders here are phenomenal
 mentors. “I think it’s wonderful that Active Southern West Virginia provides different activities at no cost to participants. I would encourage anyone who wants to have a wonderful experience that they come to a REFIT class.” You will find that you are welcomed with no judgment, and you’ll get a great cardiovascular workout.

Alicia is from Beckley, West Virginia, and is a paralegal at Hayden & Associates, LC, as well as a mother of two boys aged 30 and 19.

She loves to dance, hike, swim, and be outdoors. Alicia started being physically active at a young age with dance.

“I wanted to be able to give back to the community, and I love how Active SWV has programs like REFIT that make it free for everyone,” says Alicia.  

Alicia appreciates the atmosphere at REFIT Beckley, and enjoys watching the sense of community and love people have for one another.  EVERYbody belongs at an Active SWV program like Refit – it doesn’t matter if you are big, small, old, or young, you belong without judgment.  

Being active is a priority for Alicia because it’s fun, and like many people in WV, she has family history of medical problems. Alicia hopes that by staying active she can stay healthy.

EVERYONE should join Active SWV free programs. It is a way to stay healthy, make friends, and feel good about yourself. You can’t find any other programs that are free to the community, plus the leadership of the program is outstanding,” says Alicia. 

Paving the way for easier access with MemberPlus

The REFIT Beckley team has been a pilot program for the new Active SWV MemberPlus app for waiver and sign in procedures as we move to a more eco-friendly and  paper free system. Throughout December they have had over thirty members registered and checked in at their free weekly classes.

Get your Active SWV Free membership with MemberPlus

Start your FREE membership to have easy access to all programs here, and join REFIT Beckley or one of our other many exciting and fun programs at no cost.  

You can also check the Active SWV website calendar to see all of our options in January and beyond!