India Tarleton Krawczyk Promoted to Director of Operations

India’s Start at Active SWV 

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that reflects the dedication and passion for active living that courses through the veins of Active Southern West Virginia. It is with great pleasure that we announce the promotion of India Tarleton Krawczyk to the position of Director of Operations.  

 India’s journey with Active SWV is a testament to her commitment and remarkable contributions to the organization. She embarked on her Active SWV adventure as an Americorps VISTA in 2018, serving not just one but two terms in Development and Outreach. Her tireless efforts and dedication quickly caught the attention of the Active SWV team, leading to her subsequent role in 2020 as the full-time Youth Programming Director. 

 A proud graduate of the University of Vermont with a degree in Anthropology and Philosophy, India has woven her academic prowess into the fabric of Active SWV. Her academic background has uniquely positioned her to manage communications with precision and finesse, ensuring clarity and effectiveness in every interaction. India’s deep understanding of human behavior enables her to connect with diverse communities and create inclusive programming. 

 As the Youth Programs Director, India oversaw the Kids Run Club program, where she not only managed volunteer training but also facilitated program activities and diligently collected valuable data with over 50 schools in West Virginia. This role showcased her ability to bridge her academic knowledge with hands-on experience in developing in-person programming that resonates with participants of all ages. 


What Others Have to Say About India 

In the words of Page Clay, Director of Web Development at JJN Multimedia, “India has always been a well-organized and talented individual to collaborate with over the years. Her attention to detail and professionalism is accompanied by an overall bright personality that knows how to assess a situation and create solutions that not only work, they excel.” 

India’s impact reaches into local schools where she has left an indelible mark on students and educators alike. Staci Stover from Fairdale Elementary attests, “India is the best individual I have worked with from an outside company through the school system. Being a part of the run club is always a great experience throughout the school year, but India has always made it so easy and successful for the students.” 

Melanie Seiler, Executive Director of Active SWV, sums it up best just how important India has been for the growth and success of the organization. “”It is remarkable to see the professional growth and consistence India has demonstrated over the last 6 years working together. She continues to take on larger tasks and projects in great detail, contributes to visionary projects with partners, and does not hesitate to make decisions to keep this important work moving forward. From Kids Run Clubs to Workplace Wellness, and recently facilitating free youth climbing programs, we can expect the organization to reach more target audiences with India’s program direction and communication skills.” 

Into the Future 

Looking ahead, 2024 holds immense promise for Active SWV, especially with the launch of the new membership platform, MemberPlus. The app will help make the process of signing in at events easier for both volunteers and participants alike. As the organization continues to grow, so do the responsibilities of its dedicated staff. India’s work ethic and unwavering dedication position her as a cornerstone in the foundation of Active Southern West Virginia. Her promotion to Director of Operations is not just a milestone for her personally but also a testament to the collective efforts invested in creating a healthier and happier community. 

We celebrate India’s journey, from her early days as an Americorps VISTA to the dynamic and influential leader she has become today. Her story is an inspiration to us all, highlighting the profound impact one individual can have on an organization’s success and the well-being of the communities it serves. Here’s to a brighter, more active future under India’s steadfast leadership at Active SWV.