Meet Kanawha County Community Captain Monique Anderson, February Community Captain of the Month

Monique Anderson is our February Community Captain of the Month

Monique is a mother, daughter, and sister from Dunbar, WV. She is the founder of Intimate Space Creative Wellness, and holds various certifications.  

Monique is active because she knows the importance of moving in life. “If you are not moving now, you may not feel it now, but you will when you get older.” Movement has been something Monique has always placed emphasis on, and she incorporates a variety of movements into her day as part of her physical exercise regime. 

Monique became an Active SWV Community Captain by way of our partnership with Orlando Craighead and his initiative Spotted Owl Healthcare in Kanawha County. The partnership has proudly been offering free physical activity programming in Kanawha County since early 2022. Monique has also played a pivotal role in keeping the partnership between the two organizations moving forward through scheduling programs and collecting participant counts.

Monique doesn’t identify just one thing that motivates her to be active, but aging is one important aspect that keeps her moving. Monique places emphasis on preparing the body for what is coming and making the process easier for herself. “My parents stayed active and they are the better for it, I am trying to age in that manner.” 

Monique offers yoga and meditation classes three times per week at Healthright CommUNITY Wellness Center on the Westside in Charleston.  Take a look at Monique’s programs as well as our other free physical activity programs on our website calendar

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