March into Workplace Wellness

As we March into Spring, join along for some warmer days and Workplace Wellness fun

As Spring approaches, it means we can shake off the frost, get out in the sun, and make moves towards a healthier and happier 2024! In this month’s update, take a look at some of the newest Workplace Wellness projects taking place in the Mountain State. 

Southern Appalachian
Labor School

Each year, Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) continues to grow and expand their Workplace Wellness programming! This year, Joe Webb and the SALS team are focusing on creating initiatives that not only reach his staff, but the greater community of Oak Hill! By installing a public bike rack near his location and public transit, SALS is helping everyone in Oak Hill increase their access to the FREE physical activity events happening at SALS and events around the Oak Hill area!

Walking Docs: Weekly walking group at Cabell Huntington Health Department.

South Elementary School

South Elementary School (SES) is also aiming at reaching the community through their Workplace Wellness program! Located in Berkeley County, SES is located in an area with minimal physical activity access! To combat this, Lisa Bogolin at SES helped find funding to create a community walking trail on the school property. Not only will SES be hosting programming for their staff and students with the track (Walk with Ease and Girls on the Run), but they have also created a policy welcoming all those who want to use the walking trail. Keep a look out along the trail, SES included signage with a QR code that users can scan to check in to help track overall usage of the new trail!

Making lasting

If we can include policy, system, and environment (PSE) changes in the workplace, we can begin to create lasting programming, supports, and solutions to the barriers faced at work while trying to live a healthy lifestyle. These types of changes become permanent within businesses, regardless of turnover or business changes. This ensures that every employee within an organization has access and support to leading a healthier life while at work. 

Policies are written and permanent. They are shared with the staff in new hire trainings, regularly communicated, and included in employee handbooks/training manuals. Workplace Wellness Policy change can include:

-Guaranteed time for physical activity during the work day. 

-Providing healthy snacks, food, and sugar free beverages at events hosted by the organization. 

Systems focus on education, team building, and operations of the business. These types of events can include unwritten policies, lunch and learn events, step challenges, and health screenings. For a change to count towards a system change, events like step challenges, and lunch and learns must be hosted a minimum of 3 times within the year. 

With the average time being spent at work close to 90,000 hours for a lifetime, it is crucial to create environments that help make the healthy choice the easy choice. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create an onsite physical activity space. You can include equipment and machines, water stations, and more, all to increase access to physical activity while clocked in. 

How can you get involved?

The best way to begin creating or expanding Workplace Wellness at your organization, is to get Work@Health® certified! This free hybrid course takes place online, with a final in person meeting and luncheon. Participants will leave the course with a life long Work@Health® certification and the tools necessary to create equitable and lasting programming, no matter their location! Use the links below to get more information on Work@Health®  and don’t miss our upcoming cohorts starting soon for 2024!

Columbia Forest Products participates in a trash clean up.