Meet Webster County Community Captain of the Month, Mary!

Active SWV Community Captain of the Month, Mary Stone
Mary has been active most of her life.  She loves the outdoors, but as she got older started gaining weight.  Mary started running in her late 30s and that turned into hiking, kayaking, biking!! 
After a recent move to Webster County, Mary tried to find an ActiveSWV group to join and learned there wasn’t one… so that’s what motivated her to start one!
The enjoyment of group activity and love of the outdoors keeps her motivated and she says, “being active keeps me healthy and able to enjoy life rather than sitting on couch watching it go by.” 
I think anyone/everyone should join an Active SWV free program.  For their health, for the social aspect of it- it doesn’t cost a thing and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are immeasurable!” Being active on a daily basis takes some commitment and it’s hard to carve exercise time out of your day sometimes, but when you make the choice to get out there and do it regardless of the circumstances, that’s showing up for yourself, and you’re worth it!
To see Mary’s upcoming Webster county indoor walking and exercise group, or her hikes as we transition to spring and summer, check our website calendar. 
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