May Participant of the Month – Brandon Mehlinger

Brandon Mehlinger, May Participant of the Month

Brandon has always loved being active. He finds it to be his happy place and a way to turn off his brain and focus on the activity at hand. Whether going for a run or lifting weights, active living gives Brandon a sense of calm. Being active has been a constant de-stressor and makes him feel better when he completes his chosen activity. 

Brandon started being physically active as a kid. He used to have a lot of energy and was constantly running around. Brandon joined the middle school cross country and track teams, and since then running has become a lifelong habit. The value and importance of teamwork and the bonds made with others is something Brandon appreciates. Although Active SWV programming is not team based, there is a bond with the people who show up to the same programs, week after week. When everyone has similar goals, it makes for a great time and great community atmosphere. The sense of accomplishing something is a great unifier for people. “I take great joy in seeing others succeed as well as continue to improve,” says Brandon. 

Motivation has always been intrinsic for Brandon. He wants to be the best possible version of himself, and that means being physically active and having a long-term vision, even when he may not want to all the time. Brandon believes that an active lifestyle makes us stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Being active is about showing up. “I may not be the fastest or the strongest, but it’s always going to be a priority for me and I’m going to put in the work every day, ” he says. 

Active SWV free programs are a great way to stay physically active and become part of a community. When Brandon moved to West Virginia, having no friends, he found his home in the Fayetteville Running group. These days Brandon cannot imagine his life without it. Active SWV’s programs are led by super supportive Community Captains who want to see everyone be their best self. 

To be active like Brandon, visit our website calendar to see a list of all the programs this month.

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