June Community Captain of the Month

Active SWV would like to introduce Bob Matson, June Community Captain of the Month. Bob is a volunteer from the 2018 Get Active in the Park training class. We are glad to welcome Bob to the Active SWV family.

Bob is originally from Atlanta, GA and his wife is a native of Raleigh County, a Woodrow Wilson High School graduate. They recently moved to Beckley from Atlanta for a less stressful life where Bob says, “There is way less traffic and the people are very friendly.”

While in Atlanta, Bob and his wife enjoyed bird watching, golf and other outdoor activities; however, it took at least an hour to get to places. He is enjoying life in the mountains of WV because, “There are many different types of activities right in your own back yard.”

Bob became an Active SWV Community Captain to lead orienteering and hiking. He has been increasing his knowledge about map reading and being active in a natural setting since training to become a Community Captain. He has really come to appreciate how accessible the State and National Parks are in our region. Bob has found truth in the statement “You learn more by teaching and getting involved in your community”. He recently led is first Active SWV hike at Grandview where a ranger accompanied the hike and gave some interesting facts about the WV State Flower to the group. Did you know Rhododendrons are not native to WV?

Bob, like many residents in WV, battles with the chronic disease Diabetes Meletus, and his Doctors told him he needs more exercise. He wants to bring back active lifestyles to our region by getting our heart rates up and becoming a little healthier.

We asked Bob if he had some words of encouragement for people wanting to get involved or try an Active SWV program and he said “It’s so easy to get involved in just one afternoon. The weather is accommodating and it is very convenient to participate and gain extra knowledge about this beautiful region.”


For more information about becoming an Active SWV Community Captain, or program options check out the Active SWV Events calendar at www.activeswv.org/events, or email [email protected]

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