Summersville Elementary Run Club

The Summersville Elementary Run Club, powered by Active Southern West Virginia, completed its second session on October 27th, 2016.summesrvill-e

Summerville Elementary Run Club trained for 7 weeks this fall and celebrated with a fun run facilitated by the Nicholas County High School cross country coach. Cross country team members joined the coach to mark the course, participate as course marshals, and set up the finish line. The run club participants were introduced and made aware that four team members would be participating at the regional meet the following weekend. Having the cross country team members there gave the run club kids role models to aspire to.summersville-1

Each week’s practice focused on a training tip, learning fun warm up routines, running short distances, playing inclusive games, and working toward student lead cool downs. This education goes beyond the run club as they can take it home and carry it with them throughout the year. 


The Summersville Elementary Kids Run coaches worked with the kids in various grade levels and followed the Active SWV Kids Run Club Manual with the weekly program and game options. This is the second session for this elementary school and it has become common to hear, “When’s run club,” throughout the year.

Fun Run Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 Run Club at Summersville Elementary School was made possible with support from the Nicholas County Community Foundation.

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