[email protected] & [email protected] in September

A National Day of Activity

September 21st is the day to get active! The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) is presenting their 13th annual [email protected] Day, and their 7th annual [email protected] Day. Whether you run or you walk, the goal is to get moving for 30 minutes whenever you can fit it in – before school/work, during lunch, or after school/work. Join others in this nationwide movement to promote living a healthy lifestyle! Find out more information about this nationwide effort here.                                                               

    “A nationwide movement to inspire a culture of
fitness at work and schools.”

Get Involved

There is more than one way you can participate.The RRCA has lots of helpful tips for how to organize an event at your school or workplace. Take a look at their [email protected] Day Planning Kit & Fact Sheet and their [email protected] Day Planning Kit and Fact Sheet to get some pointers on how to get organized and schedule in some physical activity at your school or workplace.

Keep the momentum going! Take a look at our Active SWV monthly calendar of events to see what free and local community activities you can participate in throughout the year.

Post your school or work run/walk and use this hashtags #runatwork #runatschool #activeswv to share your activity.

We want to hear from you! Send any questions, updates, or ideas to [email protected], visit our Facebook page,or call us at 304-254-8488

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