Active Southern West Virginia Celebrates Community Captains

This is a magical time of year when we can slow down and be grateful for efforts toward health and happiness. Active Southern West Virginia celebrated the efforts of our volunteers on December 3rd, national Thank You Thursday, by awarding our Community Captains with plaques recognizing their dedication to the health of their communities.

Our Community Captains are volunteers who dedicate their time on a regular schedule once a week to lead a physical activity within their community for free. They understand the importance of making physical activity a priority in daily life and want to be the example for their friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members and families. They also understand the challenges to our rural communities and expense of joining gyms and fitness studios. That is why Active SWV works so hard to train leaders within small communities to offer programs accessible to those residents.

Active SWV is always looking for more Captains to help lead our efforts through the support of our office. Our Program Assistant, Courtney, has an Exercise Science degree and experience with non-profit programs and exercise club facilitation. She just earned her Personal Trainer certification to assist in providing personalized programming to our Community Captains. Please contact us for your personal consultation.

In order to best communicate an up to the minute schedule of our Community Captain programs, you should join our Facebook Bulletin Board Page. And don’t stop there, recruit friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and church members to join our Bulletin Board page to inspire them to become more active. If they are not using Facebook, our webpage calendar has an up to date schedule. 

Join our efforts as we approach a difficult time of year to be active by attending some of our Community Captain activities and setting goals for a healthier and happier 2016.

Please join us in saying THANK YOU again to our volunteers! 

Active Southern West Virginia 2015 Community Captains
  1. Laura Sheaves-Clifftop-Babcock State Park Hiking Group
  2. Abby Barrett-Montgomery-Montgomery Training Team
  3. Sherry Ballard-Powellton-Powellton Walking Group
  4. Tonya Collias-Powellton-Powellton Walking Group
  5. Hilary Nicolau-Fayetteville-Fayetteville Mile Monday
  6. Vince Nicolau-Fayetteville-Fayetteville Mile Monday
  7. Sarah Coffey-Fayetteville-Fayetteville Training Team
  8. Autumn Bess-Fayetteville-Fayetteville Walking Group
  9. Jean Evansmore-Mount Hope-Mount Hope Walking Group
  10. Joe Gutshall-Oak Hill-Oak Hill Walking/Running Group & Training Team
  11. Melissa Gray-Bradley-Bradley Zumba Fusion
  12. Terry Hoskins-Beckley-Beckley Running Group
  13. Ryan Gilkerson-Beckley-Beckley Running Group
  14. Missy Burleson-MacArthur-Beckley Running Group
  15. Kendall Messer-Beaver-Little Beaver State Park Running Group
  16. Gary Dillon-Whitesville-Whitesville Walking Group
  17. Dennis Dye-Whitesville-Whitesville Walking Group
  18. Sue Pauley-Whitesville-Whitesville Walking Group
  19. Amy Webb-Beaver-Little Beaver State Park Running Group