November Community of the Month – Sylvester

Sylvester is a small town in Boone County, WV and was incorporated on April 11, 1952. Sylvester has around 160 residents and a pretty impressive history. Appalachian Bible College originally named Appalachian Bible Institute, this nondenominational, independent Christian college was established in 1950 by Rev. Robert Guelich, pastor and founder of Independent Baptist Church of Pettus, Raleigh County, and Rev. Lester E. Pipkin. They converted a vacant two-story building in the town of Sylvester into a dormitory, dining hall, and office, and furnished it with war surplus materials. Classrooms were set up in the basement of Guelich’s church in Pettus, four miles away. On September 5, 1950, the Appalachian Bible Institute opened with an enrollment of seven students. Pipkin served as the first president of what the students named ‘‘the longest campus in the world.’’

Active SWV recently expanded our services into Boone County and are excited to bring new physical activity opportunities to the community of Sylvester. Our staff recently met with Mayor Ferrell and the city council to explain some of the opportunities Active SWV has to offer. City leaders were excited for the opportunity to help offer free group fitness programs at the community center. So, Active SWV is looking for members of the community of Sylvester that would be interest in leading physical  activity programs to their friends and family. Training and certification cost will be covered by Active SWV and include risk management, CPR/First Aid, group dynamics, promotion, and activity training.

If you or someone you know is interested in free training to offer free physical activity programs in the town of Sylvester please call 304-254-8488 or email Erin Reid at

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