20 WV Employers Awarded $1k Wellness Grants

Learn how you can apply for Active SWV’s next round of grants here.

Active SWV’s Workplace Wellness program kicks off 2021 with exciting news. This January, our Workplace Wellness program was able to award 20 employers across WV with $1,000 grants to jumpstart wellness strategies for their employees. 

These grants are made possible through Active SWV’s partnership with WV Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease (HPCD). By receiving this award, employers will be better able to support the health and well-being of their staff through creative wellness initiatives such as Walk With Ease programs and new nutrition policies. 

Employee health and well-being should be a priority for workplaces. A structured workplace wellness program makes this prioritization easy, creating a culture of wellness. When employees’ health is valued, employers can expect to see higher productivity, increased morale, and much more. 

“We spend a significant portion of our lives at work. It’s important we don’t wait until we’re home to consider our wellness,” says Veronica Crosier, Active SWV Workplace Wellness Director, “With these grants, we hope to supply the tools and ignite the inspiration needed for workplaces to kick off a sustainable wellness program for their employees.”  

How do I apply for a Workplace Wellness Grant? 

In partnership with HPCD, Active SWV plans to open a second round of Active SWV Work@Health Mini Grants in early summer of 2021. Eligibility for this award is one of the perks of completing a CDC Work@Health Employer Certification course. Active SWV is able to offer this evidence-based training at no cost for WV worksites. The tools and resources you receive will benefit your workplace wellness program for years to come. 

Active SWV also has a comprehensive Workplace Wellness Program that can be tailored to workplaces of all types and sizes. Read more about our Workplace Wellness Program offerings here.

To enroll in our next CDC Work@Health course, learn more about our grants, or simply learn what wellness could look like at your workplace, contact Veronica Crosier at [email protected].