Community Captains of the Month

Active SWV has teamed up with WVU Tech Adventures to train students to become Community Captains and lead some free physical activity programs. We would like to take a moment to introduce them to you. 

Jacob Black

My name is Jacob Clock and I am originally from Cincinnati Ohio. I have been living in West Virginia for 7 years seasonally and almost 3 years as a full time resident. I am a father that is currently working as an EMT and I work for Ace Adventure Resort at their Pipestem State Park zip line course in the summer season.

Our program that Larry and I are leading this April is a hike of the Kaymoor stairs. This Kaymoor trail has 821 stairs going down into the New River Gorge with a total distance of just under 2 miles to go from the top and back up. I believe this is a trail that every resident of Fayette County should conquer. After completing this challenge you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. 

I believe that every one in southern West Virginia should participate in some form of activity offered by Active SWV. Having these free activities is a great opportunity for to have a great time while also working out to improve your health. There are so many activities offered so you will be able to find something that interests you at your activity level.

For anyone trying to further themselves in becoming more physically active, anything is possible with time and effort. With these activities being available to anyone, you can start at the level you are comfortable with and be able to progress to do more and more fun activities over time. You can do anything if you set aside a little bit of time out of your week and push yourself just a little outside your comfort zone. 

Glen Stone

Tell us about yourself, where are you from?

My name is Glen Stone, I am a sophomore in college. I like to longboard. I am from Charlotte North Carolina.

Tell us a little bit about your program.

The program that I am running is going to be a day hike out to piney peak near the YMCA Soccer fields. It is exactly 1.1 miles long and the ending is at a cliff/ overview.

Why do you think someone should join an Active SWV free program?

You should join the Active SWV free programs because it gives you a chance to enjoy some of the fun activities that are just sitting in our backyard. If you like these activities then you can get into do them for free.

Do you have any words of encouragement for people thinking (becoming a Community Captain/participating in a program) that may be interested in committing to becoming more physically active?

My words of encouragement is to just get out and do some activities because you do not know what things might be fun and interesting. If you find yourself having fun then that might push you to become a guide or to participate in the activities.

Lindsey Sutton

My name is LIndsey Sutton. I am a student at WVU tech here in Beckley, WV. I am majoring in the Adventure Management Program while minoring in Criminal Justice. I live in Oakhill, WV and I love spending time outdoors. 

My program is happening on Earth day! We will be taking a trail in Fayetteville, WV near the New River Gorge. 

Active SWV is a amazing program with several areas of activities that can interest many generations. 
Becoming more active can happen through simply exploring new terrain or leading activities, Community captains get to experience both these things while also encouraging the people.

Carson Watts

 My name is Carson Watts. I am grown up in Milton DE. I was part of Troop 95 in Georgetown town DE and ship 198 in Lewes DE. I went to Sussex tech high school. At the school I was in JROTC. I like to go fishing, hiking, and go camping in my free time.

The program that I am putting on is a hike down Glade Creek.

Well, it has free in the name. it is a great time where you can have fun in the outdoors without spend lots of money. You might make a lifelong friend’s that have the same interest. And you might find a new hobby for you to do.

The job might sound like it is hard but not really. Active SWV as all the thing you will need to make a program for them.

Larry Orsini

My name is Larry Orsini and I am from Marietta, Georgia and I am really into anything outdoors and especially rock climbing. We will be doing the Kaymor Stairs which is a vigorous hike that will give you a really good workout but will also act as a rewarding experience for all ages. People should join active Southern West Virginia free programs because they are FREE! It’s also a great to stay in shape and live a healthier life. Some words of encouragement that I could give is that we all have a responsibility to ourselves to keep ourselves healthy and a great way of doing this is by teaching others how to be healthier. If you make that your motivation, you’ll find yourself making healthier habits without even thinking about it. 

Find out more information about the WVU Tech Adventure Student Community Captains programs and other weekly programs on our website calendar.

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