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Fall After-School Activities from Active SWV

Along with the usual after school Kids Run Clubs, this fall Active SWV was able to get a Hiking Club and an Active Club started at Fayetteville PK-8 and Oak Hill Middle School respectively. Both of these initiatives are run by volunteers utilizing training and materials provided by Active SWV. Like all of Active SWV’s programs, these clubs are designed to be beginner level, easy to implement, and free to join for students at the host schools. 

Kids Hiking Club

At hiking club meetings, kids learn how to be safe outdoors when hiking and how to respect the environment around them. Volunteer coaches go over Leave No Trace principles, trail etiquette, and basic risk management before heading out to hike on the trails.

This is the second after school Hiking Club Active SWV has helped get started, the first one being at Mount Lookout Elementary. The club’s premise provides kids with a valuable opportunity to get outdoors and explore, and Active SWV plans to resume the Fayetteville hiking club in the spring season.

Active Club

Active SWV wanted to bring different health and wellness related activities to Oak Hill Middle School students each week with this the Active club. Throughout the 5 weeks program, guest activity hosts will come and lead the kids through activities like yoga, Pilates, games, and more.

This is the first ever Active Club ASWV has done using this model, and in future seasons we hope to expand the program and bring in more activity demos for participating kids. The club provides a valuable opportunity for kids to try out different activities that have the potential to help them de-stress and live healthier lives. 

Looking Ahead

In spring 2022, Active SVW will again offer the Kids Run Club mini-grant to schools in West Virginia. This grant opportunity will allow schools to offer their students free after school run clubs, hiking clubs, or other similar activity clubs. 

In the meantime, Active SWV has a variety of resources on how to stay active on your own. See this blog with 30 different ways kids can get active at home, and this page on our website with other activity resources for the whole family. 

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