August Participant of the Month, Shawn Dempsey

August Participant of the month, Shawn Dempsey

Shawn Dempsey is a mother of 5 and a substitute teacher. She and her husband Bill live in Fayetteville, and she is a frequent participant of Active SWV Community Captain led programs.  

Shawn stays active for many reasons.  She has concerns about her health and being able to stay active through the aging process.  She also states, “being active helps me feel better.” As her children grow older, she finds ways of being deliberate about maintaining an active lifestyle. 

Her motivator is another Active SWV familiar face and supporter, Kay Bess. Kay and Shawn attend Active SWV High Fitness together in Oak Hill and Fayetteville on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Shawn has also attended programming with her two youngest children, Kendra and Taylor.  They both enjoy the activities and are happy to return.  “Doing things together has been nice for us, ” says Shawn. 

Scheduling and making activities a priority is how Shawn stays motivated.  To continue taking care of herself and exploring, she schedules herself to attend programs. 

Shawn would encourage others to join Active SWV activities because they give people the opportunity to explore our beautiful home for free, to try something new, and to be active.  “Taking advantage of these programs is a great way to take care of ourselves!” says Shawn. 

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