WORK@HEALTH® | August Course Dates

Work@Health® August Certification Course

Are you interested in free CDC backed and evidence based certifications that can qualify your workplace for $1,500 capacity building grants?

Is there a gap in the health and wellness of your staff and their ability to work happily and with minimal absenteeism?


Show your employees you value them
Boost workplace morale
Decrease absenteeism
Save on health insurance costs
Make your workplace a more attractive option for employees!


Adding a Workplace Wellness program to your regular needs at work can decrease stress, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, and decrease costs to the employer and employee related to healthcare and disease, all while increasing happiness, culture, morale, and overall productivity.

We will be hosting our CDC Work@Health® certification course again August 22, 2022. To register for this course or for more information enjoy our Work@Health® blog or contact our Workplace Wellness Director, Michael Fisher at [email protected] 

       How it works 

The CDC backed and evidence based Work@Health® course gives workplaces the opportunity to receive a certification in providing physical, mental, and nutritional programming to the workplace. The 6-8 week virtual course is delivered once weekly over roughly an hours time. Once certified, organizations will be comfortable in facilitating events and changes in the workplace that focus on creating a lasting culture of health. This is done through the change of policy, system, and environmental barriers that are commonly present in the workplace. Each organization that participates must have a minimum of 20 employees and agree to a one year FREE membership with Active Southern West Virginia to coordinate and track workplace wellness outcomes. By adding at least one individual to the workplace that has this Work@Health® certification also opens eligibility to apply for the $1,500 Active SWV capacity building grant. This funding can be used to successfully effect change of policies, systems, and environments. 



Work@Health® training provides employers with the knowledge and tools to promote good health in their work places to prevent or reduce chronic illness and disability, thereby improving productivity and the competitiveness of employers participating in this training program. Workplaces that participate in Work@Health also receive benefits such as:

  • complete health and safety assessment of their organization
  • training to develop health intervention plans
  • monitoring of participant progress
  • technical assistance and support resources


Not to mention, workplaces gain the benefits of a healthier work environment, and healthier workforce. Read more benefits of the Work@Health® program here.


August Course Registration

Active Southern West Virginia is currently enrolling businesses in the August 2022, 8 week, virtual, Work@Health® training. We will be hosting an information meeting August 17 at 1 pm to cover any questions or concerns. Click here to register for the informational meeting. If you are unable to attend the session a recorded version will be emailed to all those who register! 


Capacity Building Ideas

The funding awarded through the Active Southern West Virginia makes it possible for workplaces to create lasting impacts on policy, system, and environmental changes. This can be done in a variety of ways and Active SWV tries to make it as easy as possible to apply for and receive the $1,500 funding, especially for organizations without specific wellbeing funding and staff. These grants are a crucial method of adding fitness and mental health initiatives to the workplace. 

In the past, our members have used this funding to create in office workout spaces, add healthy options to lunches and meetings, and to purchase incentives for employee participation. 

Through these bigger changes focused on policy, system, and environment, Active SWV hopes to create and maintain a culture of physical and mental health in each workplace they assist, regardless of the job or location in the state.