Kids Run Clubs Mini-Grant opens August 15th

Fall is quickly approaching, and Active SWV is offering the fall Kids Run Club mini-grant to schools in West Virginia to start or continue the program. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Any school or community group in West Virginia who would like to start (or continue) a Kids Run Club may apply. If you’ve been awarded a mini-grant in the past, you may apply again. 

What does the Mini-grant include?

Active SWV’s Kids Run Club program is a free program designed to get kids active in a structured and safe environment either before or after the school day. Kids Run Clubs teach kids how to properly warm up and cool down their muscles before and after a workout, show them how to run and work towards a goal distance, and incorporate active games to keep exercise fun. Kids Run Clubs are led by volunteers and is based off the Kids Run Cub manual, a resource guidebook with all the materials and content needed to put together a successful Kids Run Club program. The purpose of the Kids Run Club mini-grant is to create an opportunity for more schools and community groups throughout West Virginia to offer kids a free way to be active and learn about how to keep their bodies healthy. 

The Kids Run Club Grant Includes: 

  • Online Kids Run Club Coaches training to volunteers
  • Manuals mailed to all coaches
  • ASWV provides end of season shirts and medals
  • Technical support from Active SWV throughout
  • $250 Funding to spend on exercise equipment and/or other healthy items for the club

To receive the full benefits of the Kids Run Club Grant, you must:

  • Offer the program for free to participants
  • All participants fill out the Active SWV waiver
  • Volunteers keep a roster and weekly attendance sheet to share with Active SWV
  • Administer the pre and post surveys to the participants, and return them to ASWV
  • Complete a report form at the conclusion of the program

How do I apply?

The Fall 2020 Kids Run Club mini-grant will open AUGUST 15th and close September 15th

You can fill out the Kids Run Club mini-grant form here

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

I applied, What’s Next?

Once you fill out the mini-grant application form, Active SWV will contact you to set up a zoom call to talk further about the opportunity. We are invested in supporting all of our Kids Run Club locations, and want you to feel as prepared as possible to start (or continue) the program if it’s the right fit!