Falling into Fitness

Welcome Fall 2022 Work@Health Cohort

This fall we are excited to work with 5 employees from the following work sites throughout the state to certify them in the CDC backed and evidence based Work@Health program. 


                            2022 Fall Work@Health Cohort
                                  -Healthnet Aeromedical     
                                        – NGK Sparkplugs
                                 -Boone Memorial Hospital


After completing this 6 week program, each worksite will be certified to create lasting physical and mental health changes in the workplace. The focus of this programming is to address Policy, System, and Environmental factors in the workplace to make lasting changes in the organization. Ultimately creating a culture of health in the workplace that can spread to greater parts of the community. For more information on the course, visit our Work@Health landing page!

Policy, System, or Environment?

The CDC Work@Health program is focused on changing Policies, Systems and Environments within the workplace to create a culture of health. Environmental changes are pretty straight forward- they include any physical changes or additions to the workplace that help promote physical or mental health. 


  • Adding a water cooler or bottle filling station. 
  • Having an onsite fitness center. 
  • Adding signage to increase steps and walking throughout the day. 

Defining policy and system changes can be difficult. The main difference is this: Policy changes include written documentation of the initiative in the businesses overall plan. System changes are often permissions that are given to employees, but aren’t written down

While both of these are important, policy changes effect long term change by staying written in the final business plan. 


Policy changes may include:

  • A written policy to repay staff for gym membership fees. 
  • A policy banning tobacco in the workplace. 
  • A written policy giving employees two 15 minute breaks in the day for fitness or mental health. 

Systems are often education based and really give employees the chance to choose resources for health and wellbeing that are the best fit for their own circumstances:

  • Educational flyers on smoking cessation, diabetes and cholesterol control, or mental health on site. 
  • Having a lunch-and-learn during the workday. 
  • A non written permission to dress in fitness clothing to workout during the work day. 


Putting it into play


The Active SWV goal for workplaces is to create lasting fitness and mental health initiatives in each work site they partner with. Often times, work places are coming into this with little to no capacity for inner work health and wellbeing opportunities. 


In working with Acvtive SWV, each site begins their journey with a workplace audit to find what resources may already exist, and to find gaps in current workplace resources leading to decreased health outcomes. This surveying can be done on many different levels from basic needs assessments to in depth multi level surveying that examines the general health of the workplace and it’s employees. From here, the Workplace Wellness Director will help assess and implement programming in each work site to create lasting positive health outcomes. 


Depending on the number of employees, the next best steps may include having an employee participate in the Work@Health certification course hosted by Active SWV. This course not only prepares staff to facilitate programming at their own site, but also grants access for each site to apply to the Active SWV Capacity Building Grant funding. These $1,500 grants are used to effect change in areas including Policy, System, and Environment. 

For more information on the grant process and funding opportunities, visit our grants landing page!