October Participant of the Month, Sarah Osborne

Sarah Osborne shares her journey to Active lifestyle…

Growing up in beautiful Southern WV, Sarah always had a deep love for the outdoors. “I cannot remember a time in life where I was not playing outside. ” Her parents have always been active in a non-traditional “organized sports” sense. Whether it was her father tending to his chickens and rabbits, or  mother taking her on hikes, Sarah’s family has always spent time outdoors.

During the early years, and without a ton of money, free guided hikes were a great way for the family to stay active, learn, and connect to all the beauty that Southern WV has to offer. Sarah’s mother always made sure she had a copy of “Ranger Rick Magazine” to satisfy her love for learning about the outdoors and to urge her to be active in our natural world.

As an adult, Sarah has worked many office jobs from a desk. Currently, she is the Sales Manager for The Resort At Glade Springs. The Resort property is beautiful with activities and hiking trails that Sarah can enjoy. As everyone knows, long periods of sitting are burdensome on the body, and Sarah enjoys lunch time walks around the campus. “I truly believe staying active is so important to mental and physical well-being. I can certainly feel the difference when I neglect to be conscience of my daily movement,” says Sarah.

We are so incredibly lucky to have so many places in Southern WV that are welcoming to all athletic levels.” she adds. 

Sarah loves swimming in the summer at Summersville Lake!  Most summer Sundays, you can find her on the rocks. Weather, especially winter, can be harsh here in Southern WV. Sarah makes it a priority to dress appropriately for the weather and get up and go outdoors, or at least go to the gym. Sarah attends unique and fun fitness classes at Kfit, as well as participating in Active SWV free programs.

Staying active has helped me as I age.” Both Sarah’s parents are still in great health, and her mother is a breast cancer survivor. Sarah attributes their health as they age to staying in motion. As Sarah approaches  40 years of age, she finds that staying active is a huge benefactor in keeping herself healthy.

Sarah encourages the community to participate in Active SWV free programs. It is a wonderful way to connect with others, but most of all oneself. Make yourself a priority, and allow others to help guide you through these programs! It is never too late to start!

Visit Active SWV’s website calendar for an up to date listing of all the free programs available near you.