Active Places: Tabernacle of Praise, Charleston WV

A Place of Community 

Tabernacle of Praise in Kanawha county partnered with Active SWV to provide free physical activity programing in their building of worship. Community Captain Tina White offers weekly REFIT classes and provides a great experience for the people of Kanawha County. Tina commends Tabernacle of Praise for giving back to the community. They have always been community minded serving wherever possible,” she says. Tabernacle of Praise continues to focus on the health and well-being of the community.  

REFIT Classes on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm  

REFIT Classes are held weekly at the Tabernacle of Praise. Remember to check the Active SWV website calendar prior to attending programs in case of program cancellations or changes.

Brenda Grigsby is a regular attendee of the REFIT classes. In her own words, she attends because “This refit class is fun, free, and held in a convenient, safe place. I have needed the incentive to go and exercise”. Join the fun and get active with Brenda and other REFIT participants! 

Volunteer Opportunities  

Is there an activity you would like to see at Tabernacle of Praise or another place or worship? Maybe yoga, a step class, or a walking group? It is easy and fun to become a volunteer Community Captain with Active SWV. All the training and support is provided for free. Volunteer Director Elizabeth Raney goes through your program set up, promotion, and tracking systems. It’s a great way to increase your leadership skills, hold yourself accountable, and have something fun to do with family and friends.    

Reach out to to learn more!    

Venue Partnership Opportunities  

Active SWV is always looking for more facilities to host our Community Captain programs. If you know a place that may want to offer their space for free Community Captain programing, click here for our venue partner request form.