Workplace Wellness Yearly Wrap Up

Labor Day Celebration
Looking back on Workplace Wellness successes and impacts: 2022
     2022 was full of new programming, new partners, new events, and new impacts! Follow along below as we take a look back at some of the positive outcomes and learning lessons that 2022 brought our Workplace Wellness program!
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     2022 saw the first partnership between Active SWV and the West Virginia Manufacturers Association. As one of the states largest representatives for manufacturing, the WVMA reaches over 50,000 employees across the state of West Virginia. As a champion for Active SWV, the WVMA has helped boost Work@Health certification participation and has acted as a Technology level sponsor for the Workplace Wellness Conference. 

     We are excited to continue this partnership into 2023, continuing to support members of the WVMA in their goals of creating healthier and more productive workplaces. To learn more about the WVMA and how you can become a member, click here.

Expansion, expansion, expansion

     In 2022, Active SWV extended its reach to include over 80 businesses in West Virginia that participate in the Workplace Wellness Program. These businesses range from schools to health care providers, manufacturers and distributors. Each organization that we partner with for Workplace Wellness receives hands on training, one on one consulting, and post programming data collection from the Workplace Wellness director at Active SWV and many other partners including the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (WVDHHR) and WVU Office of Health Services Research (OHSR). 

     In 2022, Active SWV awarded $12,000 in capacity funding grants to workplaces in order to help create equitable and sustainable cultures of health at each site. This included the completion of 52 projects, creating 39 individual Policy, System, and Environment changes at workplaces across the Mountain State. What sets Active SWV apart in our Workplace Wellness programming is the focus on creating equitable and sustainable changes through one-on-one guidance, trainings, and feedback. 

     Active SWV is proud to facilitate free Workplace Wellness initiatives to all of its Workplace Wellness Members! For 2022 we are excited to have worked with the following organizations:

Healthnet Aeromedical 
Fayette and Nicholas County Health Department
Cabell Huntington Health Department
NGK Sparkplugs
West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
The Dish Cafe
The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority
The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation
West Virginia State University

     Follow along each month in 2023 by subscribing to our newsletter to see what these worksites and many others are up to in 2023 facilitating Workplace Wellness. To learn more about how you can facilitate Workplace Wellness with your organization, contact our Workplace Wellness Director, Michael Fisher

2022 Workplace Wellness Conference and Awards

     This year we hosted the West Virginia Workplace Wellness Conference and Awards at the Stonewall Resort in Lewis County. This years conference saw presenters on topics ranging from data collection and action planning, to the way we interact at home versus work, and more! 

     Our yearly conference is an amazing way to find new resources and initiatives that can bring positive outcomes to any workplace! This year 80% of conference attendees found valuable take away points from our presenters and panel discussions. It is always incredible to have so many familiar and dedicated faces in one room, coming together to increase Workplace Wellness for all workers in West Virginia. 
     We are always looking for innovative and energized presenters for our conference, as well as conference partners, sponsors, and champions. To reach out for more conference information, contact us here!

Moving Forward at Light Speed

     It seems like 2022 just got here, and yet it is already time to ring in another New Year. In 2023, we are planning even more Workplace Wellness related initiatives! 

This includes new programming and educational resources, more certification courses and support, and more outreach and delivery of grant funding!  

Expanded capacity grant funding to $1,500.

Partner with more local healthcare providers and schools.

Expand CDC Work@Health Certification participants. 

Create more virtual opportunities for learning and sharing outcomes.