May Community Captain of the Month, Jerome Hairston

Coming Soon:  Tai Chi for Arthritis with Community Captain Jerome

Jerome was born and raised in Beckley, WV, and is a Woodrow Wilson flying eagle, class of 1971! He attended WV Tech until joining the Air Force in 1974. After graduating from the Air Force, Jerome attended the University of Arkansas in 1985 before starting his career. He worked as a Xerox technician, and then in electronics and security before retiring from USPS as the supervisor of maintenance operations. Jerome now lives in Montgomery, WV with his wife, Greta, and their little service dog, Kansa. 

Jerome is active because he is disabled from his time in the Air Force. Battling arthritis and injuries, he stays active to literally stay active. Jerome started being active for his health, and continues on that path as an Active SWV Community Captain

Member’s of Jerome’s community asked him to lead classes in the Smithers and Montgomery area where he has former experience doing that. Jerome feels it is part of who he is to help others and be a leader in some capacity. As he has aged, Jerome has found he cannot take on the same amount of responsibility as he once did with other activities. Volunteering for Active SWV fills that role in his life and allows him to continue his altruistic lifestyle.  

Jerome is motivated because if he stops moving, it will become very painful. His classes and participants also help him stay motivated. Jerome enjoys helping others relieve their pain as well.

Jerome thinks people should join Active SWV’s programs because they are free. He also feels that once you try it, it becomes a part of you.  

Jerome has always been a student of eastern thought, yoga, meditation, and is now taking a Tai Chi for Arthritis program through an Active SWV grant funded by the National Recreation and Parks Association. He will begin offering this new program in Smithers as soon as he completes his certification. Stay tuned for Monica in Kanawha County offering Tai Chi for Arthritis soon as well! 

Check out the Smithers classes with Jerome and Active SVW’s other free volunteer Community Captain led programs on our website calendar!