July Participant of the Month, Anne Walsh

Meet Active SWV’s July Participant of the Month, Anne Walsh

If you have attended a hike in the past few months, you may have met our July Participant of the Month, Anne Walsh. Anne has attended many activities and has become a welcome and familiar face to our Community Captains. Originally from New Hampshire, Anne lived in Virginia before recently moving to Lester, WV.   

Anne states that she is “active today, so I will be active 30 years from today.” Being active is a habit she has kept throughout her life. Anne was the neighborhood extra for football or kickball, and participated in high school athletics as well. She is a former runner who has turned to walking, hiking, and cycling due to injury. 

Anne states that she is motivated to compete with herself. She enjoys some of the local challenges like the WV Waterfall challenge or the Friends of New River Gorge ‘hikes less traveled’. Anne says, “The New River Gorge area is awesome, you can literally do it all here!  Alone or with a group.” 

Anne is grateful for the opportunity to get involved in Active SWV’s free programming. She moved to the area not knowing anyone, and now she has met some of the nicest people through her participation. “The groups offer qualified captains to take you on hikes, walks, paddle boarding, plus so much more! And none of it costs a dime. Each activity is open to all levels and the pace is set by the group.” 

Now, what are you waiting for! Join Anne at some of our July programs by checking Active SWV’s website calendar.