Meet Jayleah Caldwell-Burs, August Participant of the Month

August Participant of the Month Jayleah Caldwell-Burs

Jayleah Caldwell-Burs lives in Dunbar, WV. She is married to Keith Burs has 2 children, a son Keith II, and a daughter also named Jayleah.

“It was during Covid that I saw I needed to make a change in my health as well as my mental health,” says Jayleah. She credits Spotted Owl Healthcare founder, Orlando Craighead, with helping her begin the journey. Orlando made working out affordable and fun. Jayleah also enjoyed competing with others in challenges presented by Orlando, like ‘vegetable of the week’ where the group would share their creations with each other. For this challenge, Jayleah enjoyed making a healthy and tasty dish. “I got to meet so many wonderful people from around Kanawha County. It saved my mental sanity during a time when so many were dying of that deadly disease,” says Jayleah. Being able to attend free physical activity classes and interact with others in the class continues to keep Jayleah motivated.

Spotted Owl Healthcare and Active Southern West Virginia forged a partnership to expand and continue offering free programs in Kanawha County in April 2022.  The partnership has been successful and grows each month. Jayleah is a great example of how removing barriers like cost can help people make positive changes in their lives and become more active.

Jayleah says others should participate in Active SWV free programming because the classes are amazing! In Kanawha County, some of the instructors and classes include Tim for Zumba & Bootcamp, Monica for soul step, Zumba, Fit Lot, & yoga, Monique for yoga, Evan for weightlifting, and Carl & Kamari for soul line dancing. Not only did Jayleah’s participation impact her health mentally and physically, but she says, “Having the confidence and the courage to get out there and not care what people thought of me in those classes led me to go back to college.”

Jayleah believes staying active is so important  because as you get older the more health issues begin to appear.  “I want to be healthy so that when I have grandkids I will be able to play and run with them,” she says. Jayleah also makes the excellent point that Active SWV classes are a great way to try new things for free!  She points out that Active SWV has so many classes, hikes, and walks, “the hardest part will choosing what class to go to if there is more than one on that day. The friendships I have made are absolutely priceless. I say ‘Take a chance on yourself!'”

Come see why Jayleah continues to stay Active with us, and see all activities available on our website calendar.

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