Eric and Samantha Cameron are the August Community Captains of the Month!

Meet Active SWV’s August Community Captains of the Month!

Samantha and Eric Cameron come from Victor, WV. They both grew up in the area and have stayed, and now help their community stay healthy with different activity options. 

This couple is self-described as being adventurous. They stay active through adventures together, and want to help others in their community realize their activity goals too. 

The duo has a passion for helping others. Originally, their goal was to do this to encourage others to become more active but “also we love seeing everyone become social butterflies & find friends. ” The social aspects of Active SWV’s programs often becomes a great bonus outcome on top of the physical benefits.

Eric and Samantha stay motivated through embarking on frequent hiking trips. “Being active is a priority to us both because we want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Eric and Samantha say that everyone should join an Active SWV program because it is free and the possibilities are amazing.  Active SWV free programs “give people that ‘get up and go’ they need, helps you become more active in everyday life, and catch up with old friends locally or make new ones!” 

To keep up with our Community Captain duo, check the website calendar to join a program.

To begin your journey volunteering to lead free local physical activity programs, email [email protected]