Barbie Dobbins, October Participant of the Month

Our October Participant of the month, Barbie Dobbins of Hinton

Barbie is originally from Hinton, WV, where she still lives today. She has moved around a good bit, but says she always found herself returning to her beautiful home state. Barbie believes West Virginia is going to grow and bloom in the coming years, and has decided to stay here and become part of that growth. 

Like many of our active participants and volunteers, Barbie grew up in a rural area. In a world absent of technology, she says she was active because “I didn’t have a choice.” 

As Barbie’s career took off a few years after college, she realized  that she was spending a lot less time outdoors and more time seated, working, and watching TV. One day, Barbie’s youngest child asked her why she smoked (a bad habit from college), and she realized that she didn’t have a good answer. The next weekend she quit smoking and signed up for her first paddle boarding class! “I owe it to myself and my kids to be the best parent and example possible,” Barbie says. 

Active SWV programs are the very best way to try out a new activity or explore a new area. There is no charge and all equipment is provided. It’s also a great way to make new friends and activity partners. “I can’t wait for the next event!” says Barbie.

To start the journey to a healthier lifestyle, check out the Active SWV website calendar and join a free activity near you!