Active SWV Welcomes Newest AmeriCorps Member Leah Chester  

Active Southern West Virginia is excited to welcome its newest AmeriCorps member, Leah Chester to the team. Leah brings a wealth of experience, education, and a passion for the great outdoors to her role, making her a valuable addition to the organization. In this blog, we’ll get to know Leah Chester, a dedicated mother, an environmental enthusiast, a talented photographer, and a roller skating aficionado, whose journey from Indiana to West Virginia during the pandemic has led her to embrace a new chapter in her life. Leah has joined the team to help you better understand how to get involved. Reach out to welcome her today at [email protected].

A Journey from Indiana to West Virginia

Leah’s journey to Active SWV began with a significant move from her home state of Indiana to West Virginia. This move, which took place during the Covid-19 pandemic, marked a pivotal moment in Leah’s life as she sought a fresh start and new opportunities in the Mountain State. Her adventurous spirit and willingness to explore new horizons perfectly align with the ethos of Active SWV.

Educational and Professional Background 

Leah’s academic achievements include a bachelor’s degree in geology from Indiana University and a master’s degree in photography from the University of Saint Francis. Her unique combination of scientific knowledge and creative photography skills gives her a unique perspective that will be a huge asset in her new role with Active SWV.

Leah brings over a decade of experience in environmental consulting to her role at Active SWV. Her expertise in environmental sustainability and conservation aligns perfectly with our organization’s commitment to preserving and enjoying the natural beauty of West Virginia. Leah’s professional journey demonstrates her dedication to creating a sustainable future and promoting responsible outdoor activities. 

Leah Chester is not just a photographer; she is a master of her craft. With a master’s degree in photography, she has honed her skills to perfection. Her talent shines through in her ability to capture the essence of a moment, turning photographs into visual stories. Leah’s expertise in live event photography is a valuable asset that will allow Active SWV to effectively document and share its activities and events with the community. 

Outside of Work  

Beyond her professional commitments, Leah finds joy in spending quality time with her family, particularly her two boys who inspire her daily. Additionally, Leah is an enthusiastic roller skating, relishing the freedom and exhilaration it provides. Her personal commitment to an active lifestyle is a source of inspiration and motivation to others. 

Looking Ahead

Active SWV is privileged to welcome Leah to the team. Her educational accomplishments, professional experiences, and artistic talents will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the community and enhance Active SWV’s mission. We eagerly anticipate the contributions that Leah will bring to our organization, and we wholeheartedly welcome her to the Active SWV family