Hauntingly Healthy Workplace Tricks and Treats

Tips for keeping the season sweet and spooky at your workplace!

October is the time for changing leaves, bonfires, and an abundance of candy and sweets that lead right through the holiday season! We don’t have to cut these treats completely out, but we do need to remember that moderation is key. 

Is this month’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few tips and tricks that you can use to increase physical activity at your workplace this spooky season! 

With the cooling temps and the changing scenery, getting outside with your staff can be a great way to increase activity and team bonds! As the days get shorter and darker, adding a short walk or group exercise session outside can help increase physical activity and get your staff some vitamin D before the sun goes down. 

Jeremy Morris and his team at Columbia Forest Products adopted a stretch of highway near their office and use this as a way to get staff outside and enjoying physical activity, all while helping to make the community a cleaner and more welcoming place.

Healthy Alternatives

We can replace big bags of sugary candy with some treats so good and so healthy, it’s scary! Apples, bananas, berries, and bites! These spooky treats are guaranteed to taste great and give you a healthy boost during the day. 

Adding ghost and ghoul faces and teeth to fruit is easy! Just use your favorite sticky treat like chocolate or peanut butter, add some marshmallow or peanuts for teeth, and you’re set for a spooky snack session.

See more nutritious and delicious food ideas for at work and at home here.

Mindful Eating

When we practice mindful eating, we slow down, taste each bite, allow our digestive systems to work, and most importantly we focus on the moment we are currently in, allowing us to destress and enjoy the food we are eating even more. 

If you are enjoying a bit of Halloween candy, that’s fine! If we practice moderation and mindfulness when eating candy, we can enjoy each piece even more. We might even find that mindfulness helps to end cravings faster and help make the healthy decision the easy decision in the future.

For more information on mindfulness and how to incorporate it in your Workplace, contact Active SWV at: [email protected]

Costumed Fun

Why not make the next casual Friday a costume party Friday? You can even add in a physical activity component like a fun run or walk around the office during Halloween. Make it a family friendly event and include the community! You can also partner with Active SWV to host a virtual walking challenge. Through the platform RunSignUp, you can track and host teams to compete against one another to get the most points. Maybe you can give a bonus prize to anyone who spots Mothman! 

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

From pumpkin carving, to pumpkin bowling, and pumpkin tossing, there is plenty you can do to get physically active with a pumpkin! 

Create multiple even teams of coworkers, and have a pumpkin relay race or see who can do the most pumpkin squats in 5 minutes! 

BOO! Trick or Treat!

A classic Halloween activity is getting out in the community to trick or treat. Organize an evening out with coworkers who also have kids, or dress up and join them for a night of walking around and connecting with others.

You could also host an in office trick or treat event for those workers with kids and staff who want to enjoy healthy trick or treat snacks while getting in steps and making connections with others!