2024 Board Member News

Thank you Adam Stephens and Gary Morefield!

These two board members will have completed their 3 terms of service. Thank you seems to simple to express the appreciation felt for 9 years of board member service. Gary Morefield and Adam Stephens are founding board members who joined Active SWV before the programs were defined. Their guidance and consistent support helped to shape the organization. 

New 2024 Board Members

The board of directors worked in 2023 to deliberately recruit new members to meet the needs of a growing organization. Read below about the new board members and go here to see the full list of serving board members. New board members nominations are welcomed at any time for upcoming positions. Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more about serving.

Amy Showalter

Amy, the Project Manager at WV Hive, comes to Active SWV with nonprofit experience with Urban and Regional Planning, a Public Administration masters degrees, and is a Active SWV program participant and Community Captain/Bike Pedestrian Action Committee (BPAC) volunteer.

“I first learned about Active SWV through Leadership Beckley in 2018 via a presentation about the Beckley Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory/Action Committee (BPAC). I joined the committee, volunteering alongside Active SWV staff, and trained as a Community Captain the following year.

Active SWV’s work addresses many of my professional and personal interests, and provides participants a great way to meet new people, learn new things, and gain confidence in themselves and their community. All of these factors are important to individual and community well-being, which I see as important components of a thriving community and region,” shares Amy. 

Phil Waidner

Phil, partner/manager at Arrow Bike Farm, is well versed in mountain biking instruction, rock climbing instruction, risk management, youth specific risk management, race organization, action sports instruction, program development, and staff/volunteer training.

“I’ve been involved since soon after the beginning. I’ve always believe the number one way to improve the economy of WV is to improve the quality of life including more opportunities to be active,” Phil tells us. 

Lauren Beam

Lauren, a CPA and part owner at Anderson Accounting, AC, can provide financial oversight while also having a lot of great connections in the Nicholas County area.

“I chose to move back to my home after college because I want to work with others to continue to make it a better place to live and work. I have a 16 month old son and I want West Virginia to be a place where he and his peers want to stay in.”

“I also think I have I am very passionate about being active. I grew up playing sports and attending ultra marathons by parents were running. When I went to college I naturally was not as active as I was no longer on a sports team and was adjusting to this new life. I quickly realized that being active is not about being thin, it is a matter of your physical and mental well being. I stated running seriously in college and have found that running makes me a better person. I am happier and healthier when I am active. I want to show
others that exercise does not have to be a chore. It can be something that you look forward to everyday. Before I had a baby, I was a Community Captain for a trail running group in Summersville. I really enjoyed my time doing this because I felt like I was holding people accountable to show up and be with friends in the woods for at least one day a week. This was great for me and my group. I think Active is doing extremally important work that I am personally passionate about and I would love to be involved and volunteer my time to this organization.”