Beckley’s Mitch Lehman is April Community Captain of the Month

Mitch Lehman, Community Captain of the month leading youth climbing programs
Mitch is originally from New England, but has been living in Fayetteville since 2019. He moved to the area to pursue rock climbing full time while finishing his degree at WVU Tech in Beckley. 
Mitch is active because he believes it is essential to both mental and physical wellbeing. In addition to the health benefits, outdoor activities can be incredible social opportunities, providing a fun way for interacting with friends in the great outdoors. Mitch grew up playing team sports and had lots of fun doing those activities for many years. Once he stopped playing college soccer, Mitch needed an outlet involving physical activity and a healthy community, which is what led him to pursue rock climbing full time. 
Mitch volunteers with Active SWV because he feels that local youth should have the opportunity to experience the world class rock climbing that exists right in their backyard.  Beginning this past summer, a partnership with Adventures on the Gorge Climbing School provided the equipment and support needed to create this youth climbing program, which has been incredibly successful and fulfilling for everyone involved. “These types of collaboration are what empower our community to explore different types of outdoor activities,” says Mitch.
Mitch relies heavily on those around him to provide the psych needed to be active.  “It is so much more fun when you get a group of friends together to go rock climbing, biking, or hiking. Being active is a priority for me because it improves my mental health significantly when I am able to get out and recreate a couple times a week, ” he says.
Mitch thinks everyone should try an active SWV free program because the programs that Active SWV hosts allow you to get first-hand experience in all the amazing outdoor resources in the community, and meet like-minded individuals to pursue that activity outside of scheduled outings. Considering the programs are free, you really have nothing to lose by trying something new!  
To see Mitch’s upcoming youth climbing program dates, check our website calendar
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