FamilyCare Health Centers

Focusing on employer health and wellbeing to help serve more West Virginians

FamilyCare remains steadfastly committed to providing comprehensive care leading to healthy communities where their patients live, work, or go to school. That’s why their team of qualified providers offer medical, dental, and behavioral health services for everyone. Applying the FamilyCare core values of dignity, honesty, caring, genuine, dependable, and family, when you walk through the doors of any FamilyCare location, you can trust that you will receive unmatched, compassionate care. 

Community focused impacts

Helping people has been a passion for Merinda Stricklen, PA-C,MPH, Director of Health and Community Education for FamilyCare Health Centers, since she was a child. “I started this mission by becoming a physician assistant 22 years ago. Over the last 5 years I decided I wanted to be able to have a greater influence on the health of communities than I could have in a 15 minute office visit”. Since May of 2023, Merinda has been focused on creating healthier communities inside and outside of FamilyCare. “We are on a mission to transform health outcomes through education, outreach, networking, and coalition building. It is our goal to assess, address, and eliminate the root causes leading to poor health outcomes so that our communities can be healthier.”

Bringing the focus inward

Our healthcare systems in West Virginia have some of the hardest working individuals in the world. “In healthcare, frequently we are so busy taking care of others that we do not take the time to take care of ourselves” says Stricklen. With the goal of creating a healthier team throughout FamilyCare Health Centers, Merinda enrolled in the CDC backed and evidence based Work@Health® course offered FREE through the Active SWV Workplace Wellness membership. The eight week hybrid program (mostly online with an in person final meeting) walks anyone through creating a Workplace Wellness program for their location. Merinda completed the Train the Trainer (T3) curriculum for Work@Health® and was then able to certify 7 additional staff members throughout West Virginia in the employer level Work@Health® training. “I was really impressed with the program and learned a lot about about how to implement Workplace Wellness initiatives through the modules” Stricklen says. 

Workplace Wellness Programming plans

As for creating programming at their numerous locations, Merinda says “we are all very excited to get started implementing Workplace Wellness! We are in the process of forming a health promotion committee. Over the next year, we will be focusing on improving access to physical activity through a ‘move more, sit less’ campaign and creating a designated space for onsite physical activity at our locations; offering healthy food options and sugar free beverages at events/lunches; and offering a cooking class to increase education on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. “

How you can get involved

Getting Workplace Wellness programming started at your location is easy! No matter your sector, industry, or organization, we can help you craft a perfect Workplace Wellness program that can effectively reach all of your staff – giving them access to physical activity, nutrition, and overall wellbeing!

Start your journey by contacting Workplace Wellness Director, Michael Fisher, to schedule a consultation ([email protected]).

You can also find the Workplace Wellness resources page here, and the Work@Health interest application here!