Cranberry Prosperity Elementary Run Club

The Cranberry Prosperity Elementary Run Club, powered by Active Southern West Virginia, completed its first session on October 27th.

cranberry-prosperity-group-photoLed by Head Coach, Liz Decker, this group of students met once a week for 8 weeks of training. They learned many different exercises and stretches throughout the program as Decker taught the group a new exercise and stretch each week. All of the exercises that Decker taught the participants are easy, no equipment needed, activities that any of the participants can feel confident trying.   cran-pros-burpThese images show Decker teaching the run club participants how to do a Burpee, demonstrating an example, and then allowing the participants to try out the new exercise for the first time.

cran-pros-burpeeAfter learning so many different exercises, the group got to play Exercise Bingo at one of their last practices. After 8 weeks of learning and training, the group celebrated with a fun run.   

cranberry-pros-startThe fun run course was created right in the back of their school and many families came out to support and cheer on the run club participants. 

cran-pros-running Decker, who is a Special Education teacher at Cranberry Prosperity, reflected on her experience as a volunteer coach, “I wanted to become a coach because I wanted to get to know the kids in our school beyond just being a face they pass in the hallways. It’s helped me to feel more a part of my school and allowed them to get to know me on a fun and personal level”

cran-proc-celebrateThe Cranberry Prosperity Elementary Run Club was made possible with support from the Beckley Area Foundation.


Fun Run Spring 2017

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