January 2020 Participant of the Month: Herb Martin

Active SWV is pleased to announce the January Participant of the Month – Herb Martin! Herb has been attending the weekly Water Aerobics and Water Workout classes led by Community Captain Crysty Linkenhoker. We recently caught up with him to see what motivates him to be active.

Why are you active? How did you start?

‘My sister invited me to this, and I said “I don’t have time to do that”, and after I came, I enjoyed it so much I decided hey, I need to do this. It’s a lot of fun, and actually you do two classes. It’s a pretty good workout.’

What motivated you to join an Active SWV program in your community?

‘Just activity, moving, just getting off the couch and not being a potato. And the social aspect of it as well. It’s good to interact with people that are, ya know, you’re age. Old geezers.’

Why do you think someone should join an Active SWV free program?

‘Health benefits, social benefits, just interacting with people and having a good time.’

Do you have any words of encouragement for people thinking of committing to becoming more physically active?

‘Do it! Do it, just do it. I don’t care for Nike, but just do it.’

Participate in a program

In addition to Water Aerobics and Water Workout, our Community Captains lead a variety of free programs including hikes, walking groups, gentle yoga classes, REFIT, High Fitness, Pickleball, Qigong, Ultimate Frisbee, and more. Check Active SWV’s monthly program calendar to see what programs are happening in your area.

Volunteer with Active SWV

Active SWV is always looking for volunteers to lead new programs in their communities! We would like to increase opportunities for active programs across Raleigh, Summers, Nicholas, and Fayette counties. Active SWV is interested in finding individuals who have a little but of time to give to those family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers who live in small communities throughout southern West Virginia. No previous leading experience is needed! Active SWV provides all the training you need to feel confident leading an active program in your community. Please contact Active SWV at [email protected]  or 304-254-8488 to learn more.

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