Participants of the Month Jack and Jacki Wright

Meet Jack and Jacki Wright, Participants of the Month for September. Jack and Jacki moved to the area two years ago and have participated in many Active SWV hikes and SUP programs. When they first moved to the area they wanted to get more in to hiking, but they were unfamiliar with the different trails in the area. It was this reason that they decided to join an Active SWV guided hike. Jacki said it was a “great way to meet people an learn what other people in the area do”. They were impressed by the knowledge and welcome they received from the Community Captains, and learned some fun facts about the history of mining in our area. Jacki said it was more than getting from point A to B on the hike, there was a social aspect that she liked. Jacki enjoys the journey for the the beauty in nature and says “I am the type of person that wants to stop and photograph the cool mushroom I just passed.” The two of them are excited about the opportunity to try other programs such as Tai Chi and Refit, and are amazed at all the free programs offered by Active SWV to be healthy.

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