Southern West Virginia faces many economic and health challenges. Through our Community Captains program and with the partnerships and sponsors within the communities Active SWV serves, we can help people overcome common barriers that prevent them from leading active and healthy lives. Community Captains break down barriers to physical activity by leading free activities for locals in their own hometowns.

What is a Community Captain?

Community Captains are champions in their communities who want to lead others to live healthier, more active lives. They remove barriers that prevent community members from being active by providing free weekly and monthly physical activity programs in their communities.
You can find free Community Captain led programs on our Active SWV Events Calendar, click here.
 What do Community Captains do?

Community Captains dedicate their time and energy to lead free weekly or monthly physical activities in their communities, and have fun while doing it! Activities range from walks, hikes, tai chi, yoga, SUP, rock climbing, water aerobics, and more. The activity a Community Captain leads depends on what resources are in the community and the skills and interest of the Community Captain.

Want to become a Community Captain?

Every Community Captains goes through leadership training designed specifically to help them confidently lead a physical activity program. Training includes CPR and First Aid certification, one on one program development, social media training, and on-going support and encouragement from our Active SWV team. Additional professional training and certifications will be offered as each program grows. 

Apply today!

To get started, contact:
Community Outreach Director,
Erin Ellis-Reid
Call: 304-254-8488
Click here to view Active SWV’s Community Captain Training Manual 

Success Stories

People become Community Captains for a variety of reasons. For some it’s an opportunity to give back, while others find that leading free programs keeps them accountable and helps them achieve their own physical activity goals. Some of our Community Captains want to take this opportunity to build their resume and gain interpersonal skills. 
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Want to check out a Community Captain program?

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